[rrd-developers] Re: GD in rrdtool 1.2

John yffffffff4271ef37 at f4n.org
Sun May 15 12:25:15 MEST 2005

On Fri, May 13, 2005 at 19:47:13 +0200, Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> so in other words the libgd project is dead ... 
At least for me, it makes very little sense now.

> what about that 'modified' libart ? did you find a way to make it
> produce non anti-aliased output ?
Yes, changing art_rgba_svp.c (which is included with rrdtool) seems to be
enough. I think it's easiest to:

1. Change checks on alpha ("if (alpha)" etc) to checks on
alphatab[alpha] (where appropriate, also make sure alpha <= 255 like,
alphatab[alpha < 255 ? alpha : 255]).

2. Change alphatab[]: currently it varies linearly between the alpha
component specified by the user and fully transparent. For example,
making it two-state gives it more of a bitmap look, while still
maintaining "blending" where appropriate.

Perhaps, I haven't checked, other functions would look nice as
alphatab as well: quadratic, exponential, ... . (Choosing parameters
might be useful as well, especially for the two-state cutoff.)

> as for the other issues ... make sure you check out 1.2.6 the 'M'
> thing has been fixed already ...
OK, nice. (The background issue as well?)

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