[rrd-developers] Re: How to get the most performance when using lots of RRD files

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Fri Aug 18 07:05:58 MEST 2006

Hi Richard,

> The current design of rrdtool is based around scripts calling tools which
> do a transaction using a single .rrd file, and then quit.

if you have lots of data I guess you would NOT use the cli but
rather the perl module ... but besides this ....
> Note that I'm not suggesting we all run out and start moving our graphing
> DBs to SQL, but the necessary architecture to scale to large data sets is
> abundantly clear thanks to all those people who spend lots of time and
> energy developing databases.

Have you actually run tests with databases on this ? are they
faster when you update hundreds of thousands of diferent 'data
sources' how would you structure the tables ?

* ds table
  ds-id, name, type, min, max

* data table
  ds-id, timestamp, value

or would you create a diferent table for each 'datasource' ?

I know that oracle has a time-series (extension?) for its product,
but I have not hearde that eitehr mysql, postgresql or sqlite were
optimized for that type of data ...

> struct rrd_update_param {
>         struct timeval  timestamp;
>         long            datasource;
>         rrd_value_t     value;
> };
> It is the job of the frontend tool to parse all the different forms of
> time you want to support (N: value: value@ etc), to parse any templates
> you want to use, etc.

well the rrd_update example is nice, but how would you go for
something like rrd_create, or rrd_graph ?

> Unfortunately I'm involved in about a billion projects right now
> [...]

there you go .. and so it ends ...  most of the time


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