[rrd-developers] C API

Fabio Pugliese Ornellas fabio at mt4.com.br
Wed Feb 8 21:34:58 MET 2006

Hello there,

I've been working in a C application witch uses many of RRDTool 
features. The rrdtool is GREAT, but the library API is poor...

There are some features missing (such as rrd_info) and a better control 
of all library calls, error reporting and so on. Some internal functions 
are defined at rrd.h, and i guess it should be somewhere else (shouldnt 
be at the scope of library api...). The excelent documentation of the 
rrdtool command contrasts with an almost missing C API documentation.

I also need simultaneous acces to the databases from different 
processes, so it would be good if we had some file locking mechanism in 
the library (is LockRRD() supposed to do this? i still didnt readed its 
source to find out...).

Well, what i am trying to tell is that besides rrdtool is a very 
powerfull tool, the library is poor in many aspects. I have a lot of 
experience with C programming, autoconf, automake etc etc etc, and i am 
proposing for me to rewrite/write a full featured clean C API for 
rrdtool, all usable in multi-threade environments.

The point is, it will be almost useless if i do such a thing, and it do 
not go into oficial version. How do u guys appreciate my proposal? Do it 
interest the rest of the developers (specially Tobi)?

If I get an OK from u, i'll start coding my plans, and then send a diff 
for u to have a look.

hope u like my idea.

Fabio Pugliese Ornellas <fabio at mt4.com.br>
MT4 Tecnologia

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