[rrd-developers] Re: C API

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 8 22:15:15 MET 2006

Hi Fabio,
> The point is, it will be almost useless if i do such a thing, and it do
> not go into oficial version. How do u guys appreciate my proposal? Do it
> interest the rest of the developers (specially Tobi)?

your idea sounds cool ... BUT, and if your follow the path I am
outlining below I can see a bright future ahead ...

a) this would all go towards the 1.3 release

b) before you start coding, write the documentation.

c) where you decide something conceptual, also write down the
   reason for the decision so that it becomes understandable

d) post your ideas to the developers list ...

e) code ...


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