[rrd-developers] Re: C API

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Feb 10 23:36:28 MET 2006

Hi Peter,
> Don't get me wrong: I'm not advocating the LGPL! Not at all! Lee Thompson
> aksed about it. All I said is that everybody who contributed some code
> would have to agree with that move, and I think this obviously is unlikely
> for several reasons:
>   * You don't want it
>   * I don't want it
>   * ...
>   * ;-)

good :-)

> > b) Promote free Software. Since the GPL gives people who want to
> >   access rrdtool from closed-source applications some heavy
> >   thinking (it can be done using the cli and also the scripting
> >   apis and I would not even object to shared library access as
> >   long as the tool itself does not do any graphing and logging
> >   stuff itself.)
> Ahh, this is exactly what I had in mind: let them update an RRD, but
> graphing and more elaborate stuff should be out of reach for closed
> source. And I'm not at all sure about fetch or info.

the problem is that rrdtool does a lot of magic while updating,
hence the update code is part of the crown jewels.

> The problem I see with the undiscussed change is that I should now check
> if any of the "compatible" licenses really are compatible in my sense of
> how the GPL itself should work. I also always have problems with releases
> under the GPL "choose the version yourself" terms, as you never know what
> comes out of it. That said, maybe I get around to think about the
> implications of your changes.

> One more thing: I do see _you_ as the Mr RRD, so your thoughts about the
> licensing matter the most, but such moves should really be discussed
> before they are made.

yes you are right ...
> True, but isn't the same true for many other file formats that are far
> more "successful"? (Waving hands here, as I'm not an expert on file
> formats...), also: I see most of the power in the consolidation feature,
> not the file format, and that is also something done during update time...

as we say in german '1000 Fliegen können sich nicht irren' ...


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