[rrd-developers] Adding a new RRA to an existing RRD file (for Aberrant Behavior Detection)

Praveen P pra_ve_en at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 11:57:29 MEST 2006


I am trying to add Aberrant Behavior Detection (ABD)
capability to my existing rrd files. To this end, I
was looking at the thread 


Do we have a working/stable version of 'rrd_manip'
tool ?

The approach that I currently have for adding ABD to
my rrd files:

- Use 'rrdtool create' with
RRA:HWPREDICT:<rows>:alpha:beta:seasonal period to
create a fresh rrd file

- 'rrdtool dump' of this to get the xml export

- 'rrdtool dump' of my current rrd file

- Cut and paste the 5 H-W related RRAs from the
freshly created rrd file into this exported xml of
existing rrd

- 'rrdtool restore' to recreate the original rrd file
with the HW related RRAs.

Can someone please tell me if this procedure would
give me a correctly formed rrd file ?

I noticed that I will have to match the number of RRAs
in the existing rrd with the freshly created rrd to
get the 'dependent_rra_index' correct.

How do we detect failures, other than through graphing
means ? If I want to detect the failure for further
processing, should it be done with:
	- update the rrd file with the 'rrdtool updatev'
	- then check if the FAILURES RRA had an entry marked
'1' (not sure how to do this either)

Thanks in advance,

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