[rrd-developers] Re: add/remove DS

José Luis Tallón jltallon at adv-solutions.net
Mon May 8 10:09:45 MEST 2006

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Hi Pascal,
> great ... I am sure you will make many users happe ... a few
> questions that pop to mind:
> [snip]
> - it seems to me, that there are a number of basic functions
>   involved when implenting the more complex functions. Like:
>   - alter step size of an rrd
what algorithm do you suggest for this?
>   - add DS from rrd1 to rrd2
>   - add/remove RRA
This functionality is already present in 'librrdNG', which we (Daniel
Abramowicz and me) are developing.
As I proposed last year, this is a fully binary-interfaced,
object-oriented version of RRDtool.
The basic functionality is already finished, and we are testing and
adding some more features.
A code review and cleanup/reorganization will follow before release.

We will also provide a C++ wrapper (from which the C API was derived),
and a compatibility library for argv-based rrdtool applications (thus
getting the best from both worlds). Debian packaging included, of course :-)

Migrating to a fully mmap-based IO interface is planned, too.

This might become RRDtool 2.0 should Tobi like the API/design.
I believe that this might ease the integration/adoption of RRDtool in
many more open source products (specially if license  exception to be
able to link with other OSI-approved licenses were made -- this should
be discussed calmly, anyway)
>   - alter RRA interval size
Same question as above. Proposed algorithm?

Just in case: of course we are coding in C, compiling with GCC 4.0. Once
released, this should be C99 conformant.

It is now the time when I thank Tobias for creating and releasing
RRDtool in the first place, and maintaining it since then. It is much


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