[rrd-developers] Re: add/remove DS

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Mon May 8 11:06:47 MEST 2006

Hi José,
Oh I thought you had given up on that project ... since your
initial post on this project I have not heard anything from you ...
not seen any documentation, or api design documents ...

As such projects go, chances of adoption and success are normally
increassed when you let people see what you intend todo so that
they can chip in their 2c ...


Today José Luis Tallón wrote:

> This functionality is already present in 'librrdNG', which we (Daniel
> Abramowicz and me) are developing.
> As I proposed last year, this is a fully binary-interfaced,
> object-oriented version of RRDtool.
> The basic functionality is already finished, and we are testing and
> adding some more features.
> A code review and cleanup/reorganization will follow before release.
> We will also provide a C++ wrapper (from which the C API was derived),
> and a compatibility library for argv-based rrdtool applications (thus
> getting the best from both worlds). Debian packaging included, of course :-)
> Migrating to a fully mmap-based IO interface is planned, too.
> This might become RRDtool 2.0 should Tobi like the API/design.
> I believe that this might ease the integration/adoption of RRDtool in
> many more open source products (specially if license  exception to be
> able to link with other OSI-approved licenses were made -- this should
> be discussed calmly, anyway)
> >   - alter RRA interval size
> >
> Same question as above. Proposed algorithm?
> Just in case: of course we are coding in C, compiling with GCC 4.0. Once
> released, this should be C99 conformant.
> It is now the time when I thank Tobias for creating and releasing
> RRDtool in the first place, and maintaining it since then. It is much
> appreciated.
>     J.L.

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