[rrd-developers] Patch: Allow control code "\J" (Unknown control code at the end of...)

Roger J. Meier roger.meier at terreactive.ch
Fri Jun 1 09:46:19 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,

We have been using a control code "\J" for rrd_graph formatting
of the legend in RRD tool until version 1.2.15.  This worked
similar as "\j" (= justify), but it does not spread to the full
width of the legend.

I don't who or how we have found this "\J", since it was not
documented, but it worked well for our use case!

Now the problem is that the most recent version of RRD tool
(1.2.23) prints out a message if an unknown control code is
found -- so our "\J" does no longer work.

May I suggest the following patch (see attachment): Extend the
list of control codes with "\J", i. e. change the error handling
to allow this control code.

The super simple patch is in the attachment.

Of course it's bad style to use undocumented features, but this
one was really useful!


-- Roger

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