[rrd-developers] rrdtool 1.3 cairo switch is done

Matthew Chambers matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jun 12 17:03:49 CEST 2007

> if you are following rrdtool development ... here is some news:
> * replaced libart with cairo/pango this makes for more
>   stable graphics output.
> * added grid snapping to all lines, the resulting graphs look much
>   crisper (see attached examples).
> * pango markup is available in all text
>   http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/pango/PangoMarkupFormat.html
> * global tab stops. tabs on multiple lines are now aligned
>   everywhere.

I updated the trunk and recompiled for the graph calls we use (still using
librrd from 1.2.23 to do the rrd updates).  Things seem to be looking pretty
much the same as they were before, which since we don't currently use any of
the new markup features is a good thing, I think. :)  I do get some
different behavior on the legend spacing though:

on my trunk version vs.


on someone else's older version (and what the pre-Cairo graph legend looked
like).  My version is using the --full-size-mode switch, but it looks pretty
much the same without it (you can turn it off with "&f=old").  You can
change the sx and sy variables to see how the legend changes at different

The definition statements for this graph:
DEF:'mem_total'='${rrd_dir}/mem_total.rrd':'sum':AVERAGE \
CDEF:'bmem_total'=mem_total,1024,* \
DEF:'mem_shared'='${rrd_dir}/mem_shared.rrd':'sum':AVERAGE \
CDEF:'bmem_shared'=mem_shared,1024,* \
DEF:'mem_free'='${rrd_dir}/mem_free.rrd':'sum':AVERAGE \
CDEF:'bmem_free'=mem_free,1024,* \
DEF:'mem_cached'='${rrd_dir}/mem_cached.rrd':'sum':AVERAGE \
CDEF:'bmem_cached'=mem_cached,1024,* \
DEF:'mem_buffers'='${rrd_dir}/mem_buffers.rrd':'sum':AVERAGE \
CDEF:'bmem_buffers'=mem_buffers,1024,* \
'bmem_buffers',- \
AREA:'bmem_used'#$mem_used_color:'Memory Used' \
STACK:'bmem_shared'#$mem_shared_color:'Memory Shared' \
STACK:'bmem_cached'#$mem_cached_color:'Memory Cached' \
STACK:'bmem_buffers'#$mem_buffered_color:'Memory Buffered'

Is this a bug or are the definition statements wrong?

Matt Chambers

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