[rrd-developers] legend spacing problem - redux

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Tue May 15 20:19:20 CEST 2007

Gentle people,
We added the 'J' prt_fctn in leg_place() back in December 2002,  to  
fix a legend
spacing problem where the 2nd legend item of the last line in a multi- 
line legend,
does not line up properly.  We used 'J' , because basically it  
supresses the 'j' prt_fctn
that is used automatically?  Unfortunately, support for 'J'  was  
removed in the
transition to 1.2.x, but the problem still exists.   I'm sorry for  
not writing about
this earlier.

Here is a reference to the email, so long ago:

What we're trying to do is allow the user to provide fixed length  
strings for
legend labels, and not have to worry about how to align the legend.
rrd_graph() does do the right thing in most cases, but when there are  
multi-column legend objects, with COMMENTS:,  rrd_graph() has an issue.

These two links (referenced in the original email in december) show
the problem very well.


and here are two graphs, using rrdtool.1.2.23 with and without the
old patches applied.


If you would like to see simple examples with graph definitions, etc....
I can provide, so please send mail.

Best Regards,


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