[rrd-developers] SQL Backend request

Ole Bjørn Hessen obh at telenor.net
Wed May 16 12:57:59 CEST 2007


I'm testing RRD on a dedicated IBM x3650 (dual core) 17GB RAM with 6
15k rpm disks and a nice scsi controller (2 disk on raid 0/and 4 on
raid 0+1), RH ES4, Linux 2.6.9, ext3.

It can do nice at least 40-50.000 (small) RRD-files every 5 minute. The
RRDs::updates completes less than 3 seconds. But the kernel keep the
disks busy for at least two minutes after that.

It _can_ do 100.000 RRD-files but the kernel keeps working the disks
almost all of the time, so it doesn't appear stable.

I've not tested different filesystems different raid types.

Ole Bjørn Hessen, Telenor

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