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Thu May 17 20:26:52 CEST 2007


I have written a plugin to Cacti called Boost that caches all RRD updates to either a memory or myisam table until any of the following happens:

1) a pre-defined timespan has elapsed since the last update
2) a certain number of rows are reached in the memory or myisam table
3) there is demand for a graph from the web site

It has enabled users of Cacti to scale well beyond current limits.  In fact some customer can now expand 10 fold the number of RRD files that can be maintained on a single system.


Larry Adams

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From: Ole Bjørn Hessen <obh at telenor.net>
> Hi,
> I'm testing RRD on a dedicated IBM x3650 (dual core) 17GB RAM with 6
> 15k rpm disks and a nice scsi controller (2 disk on raid 0/and 4 on
> raid 0+1), RH ES4, Linux 2.6.9, ext3.
> It can do nice at least 40-50.000 (small) RRD-files every 5 minute. The
> RRDs::updates completes less than 3 seconds. But the kernel keep the
> disks busy for at least two minutes after that.
> It _can_ do 100.000 RRD-files but the kernel keeps working the disks
> almost all of the time, so it doesn't appear stable.
> I've not tested different filesystems different raid types.
> Ole Bjørn Hessen, Telenor
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