[rrd-developers] SQL Backend request

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri May 18 03:13:40 CEST 2007

Larry Adams wrote:
> Blair Zajac wrote:
>> larryjadams at comcast.net wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I have written a plugin to Cacti called Boost that caches all RRD 
>>> updates to either a memory or myisam table until any of the following 
>>> happens:
>> Hi Larry,
>> I don't know if you want to use the name Boost, as it's a well known 
>> C++ library, so you'll probably get name collisions:
>> http://www.boost.org/
>> Maybe rrd_boost?
>> Regards,
>> Blair
> Blair,
> I was aware of that, but as a plugin to Cacti, it serves a completely 
> different purpose.  It's not that widely know.  I might change it some 
> day to be more closely aligned with something associated with succulents 
> like a Cactus.  

OK.  I just wanted to point it out in case you didn't know.

> However, every time I start the search, I realize why I 
> left the naming of my children to my wife ;)

Too funny.  I asked my wife to name my open-source project and she came 
up with Orca :)


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