[rrd-developers] [PATCH,RFC] optional mmap based file I/O

Bernhard Fischer rep.dot.nop at gmail.com
Thu May 24 17:46:12 CEST 2007

- fix typo in rrd_fetch where rrd_read result was checked against an
  incorrect size.
- in rrd_fetch, drop rrd_head_size in favour of rrd_file->header_len
- in rrd_fetch, make the message "post fetch" unambiguous (now past vs.
- change usage of param rdwr of rrd_open: allow for RRD_READONLY,
  RRD_READWRITE, RRD_CREAT, RRD_READAHEAD; adjust callers accordingly:
  + rrd_resize needs CREAT
  + rrd_dump may want READAHEAD
- implement FD based I/O in rrd_open, rrd_read, rrd_write, rrd_seek.
- in rrd_update, unify write_RRA_row().
- sort | uniq the -T in .indent.pro (info_t was duplicated)
- add stub of an option to use O_DIRECT to the configury
- in Makefile.am, simplify the "indent" invocation of find:
  My find may not support "-o" resp. "-or" nor braces.
  Using -name "*.[ch]" works everywhere, AFAIK.

Please apply.

>I still see implicit decls of chroot and (from rrd_graph.c) implicit
>decls of localtime_r and tzset, fwiw.

Then there are those redefinitions when building the perl wrapper.
I take it that we cannot simply use the CC that was given by the user to
build the perl module, right?
If we have to use the perl-given CC, then we have to re-check all our
options against the perl CC, which may or may not result in inconsistent
builds as far as the wrapper versus the real rrdtool is concerned.

Therefor, i suggest to build the perl wrapper with the CC which we used
to build rrdtool. Opinions?

For the most part, the changes are now done¹) (checked FD-based vs. mmap
based vs. vanilla 1.2.23-mmap for 'last', 'fetch' and 'dump'), from my
POV. This means that the fine-tuning can start (finally, yay! :).

Does somebody have a sequence of creating a dummy rrd, and (manually!)
doing rrd_update()s on it, by chance?

¹) One thing that i still want to repair is the "librrd vs. rrd.h --
incomplete interface", as described here:
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