[rrd-developers] 32bit vs 64bit compatibility issues.

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rrdtool  dump/restore/xport options ?

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Well, I've just encountered an issue that I'm not sure how to resolve.

I build rrdtool to support 32 and 64 bit, all appears to be working  
as expected, perl is built as a 32bit and while the module is built  
to support 32bit and 64bit, execution is in 32bit mode, no big issue  
there as far as I can tell since it generates the .rrd files without  
any issues.

Apache 1.3.33 and it's php-5.2.4 are built as 32bit and everything  
appears to function properly, nice graphs so life looks good.

Apache 2.2.6 and it's php-5.2.4 are built as a 64bit, it builds and  
links without issues, run the same php script and get a complaint  
that the rrd files were generated in a different architecture and  
wont make the graphs.

I decided to go back to a much older version (1.0.49) since it is  
more widely used in my OS and starting from fresh files, I can  
generate the .rrd files without any issues but then using these files  
I get the complaint about the architecture being wrong.

Since the CPU itself isn't changing and sharing the rrd files between  
different platforms isn't a concern, is it possible to patch the  
source to allow it to use the .rrd files generated regardless of  
whether they were created by the 32 bit app or the 64bit app?

Basically I guess I need to force it to generate the 32bit .rrd  
content regardless of whether it's run in 32bit or 64bit so I can  
utilize the .rrd files under any app and maintain some kind of  

I'd like to start doing this under the 1.0.49 build since this is the  
most common version used in my OS and then once I have something  
working move the patches to a newer version as I attempt to provide  
upgrades for the users.


- -- Dale
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