[rrd-developers] Rigid sizes for image...

Hamish hamish at travellingkiwi.com
Tue Nov 20 18:32:21 CET 2007

On Tuesday 20 November 2007 16:40:20 Matthew Chambers wrote:
> You're not barking, I made this change originally to 1.2.25.  It was
> significant enough to be put off to 1.3, and IIRC I ported the patch to
> the trunk (which was supposedly 1.3) and AFAIK it was working.  I think
> the switch was '--full-size-mode'.  Because of the Cairo switchover, I
> was having some legend spacing issues (independent of my patch) on my
> PPC machine which Tobias couldn't reproduce, but I haven't looked
> further at that - perhaps that unresolved issue is why it's no longer in
> the trunk?

Ahh... Nice to know I haven't lost it entirely... Do you know if the patch is 
around anywhere that would apply to 1.2.26? Or whether it's in 1.3 (There's 
not a lot on the 1.3 wiki page to indicate new features. I'm assuming that's 
simply because it's being worked on rather than ut in the wiki).


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