[rrd-developers] Rigid sizes for image...

Matthew Chambers matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Nov 20 17:40:20 CET 2007

You're not barking, I made this change originally to 1.2.25.  It was 
significant enough to be put off to 1.3, and IIRC I ported the patch to 
the trunk (which was supposedly 1.3) and AFAIK it was working.  I think 
the switch was '--full-size-mode'.  Because of the Cairo switchover, I 
was having some legend spacing issues (independent of my patch) on my 
PPC machine which Tobias couldn't reproduce, but I haven't looked 
further at that - perhaps that unresolved issue is why it's no longer in 
the trunk?


Hamish wrote:
> Am I barking, or did I see a discussion relatively recently (i.e. 
> within the last few months) on being able to set the actual size of 
> the image produced with rrdgraph, rather than having it worked out and 
> made larger than requested (because you only request the size of the 
> graph portion).
> I'm wanting to use the generated rrdgraph images as textures in an 
> openGL application. And as such, opengl really prefers the textures to 
> be a multiple of 2 in dimension... SOme opengl implementations seem to 
> work OK with odd sizes, but some just prefer you to stick to the 
> (Older) standards.
> So I really need to generate the images with the correct size (Yes I 
> could scale them, but that just takes CPU resource that shouldn't be 
> necessary).
> Did I imagine it? It doesn't seem to be a v1.3 feature... I was sure 
> it was in 1.2.something, but the closest I can find is the -j flag 
> which only does the graphed data... No legend, grids, titles etc...
> (And google doesn't find much either, src code for 1.2.26 suggests I'm 
> barking).
>   Hamish.

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