[rrd-developers] similie's timeline/timeplot

Tankersley, Jon jon.tankersley at eds.com
Wed Sep 26 06:48:12 CEST 2007

I'd played a bit with the vrule, but it is hard to get it to 'work' like
one would expect (missing data for some reason).  I'd taken some data
from our problem ticketing system and tried to overlay that on our
graphs using the vrule.  Coverting human date/time to epoch time isn't
all that hard....just a pain for a one shot build.

I'd also played with the idea of a 'meta' data file that would be
associated with the png, that would contain the text/numeric content of
the legend that would then be 'searchable' without needing to read from
the RRD (which could have been updated since the last graph was
created).  This meta data would be overwritten when the next graph was
generated. This wasn't hard to put into rrdtool.

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Hi all,

I was wondering how easy it would be to integrate a date-based 'event' 
thing into the graphing functionality of RRD, similar to what timeline
does for timeplot (see http://simile.mit.edu/timeplot/ and click on one
of the red bars)

I was thinking we could have a text file sitting next to the RRD which
had timestamp from, timestamp to, text and it could get pulled in to say
put a star/point on the graph saying 'something happened here'

(and no I have absolutely no idea how hard this kind of thing would be
to implement in a fast way, or with multiple time horizons)


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