[rrd-developers] similie's timeline/timeplot

Ian Holsman lists at holsman.net
Wed Sep 26 02:55:19 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I was wondering how easy it would be to integrate a date-based 'event' 
thing into the graphing functionality of RRD, similar to what timeline 
does for timeplot (see http://simile.mit.edu/timeplot/ and click on one 
of the red bars)

I was thinking we could have a text file sitting next to the RRD which 
had timestamp from, timestamp to, text and it could get pulled in to say 
put a star/point on the graph saying 'something happened here'

(and no I have absolutely no idea how hard this kind of thing would be 
to implement in a fast way, or with multiple time horizons)


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