[rrd-developers] patch for bug #148

Matthew Boyle mlb at decisionsoft.com
Tue Apr 22 20:25:01 CEST 2008

rrd_open() returns either a pointer or NULL, but PyRRD_info() tests the 
return value against -1.  if there's a problem opening the file, the 
error handling code is skipped anyway, and it attempts to fclose() an 
invalid filehandle.  the fclose() is unnecessary anyway, because any 
opened files are already closed by rrd_open().

there's also a mismatch between the function definitions for rrd_open in 
src/rrd.h and bindings/python/rrd_extra.h.  so rrd_open() gets a bad 
pointer to the rrd_t struct.  when this parameter gets initialised, it 
results in the saved %ebp and %eip being overwritten with NULLs.  this 
is obviously a slight problem when PyRRD_info() tries to return.

the attached patch (against svn r1331) should fix both these issues.



Matthew Boyle
Junior Systems Administrator
DecisionSoft Limited                        http://www.decisionsoft.com
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