[rrd-developers] [rrd] Re: RRDtool to another level - add 3D and 4D capabilities -

Stefan Parvu stefanparvu14 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 15 19:10:47 CET 2008

thanks all for comments. I will try BarryN implementation of Dr. Gunther
and see how it goes. The goal will be to integrate at some point with 
rrd_graph ... but most likely I need to read the core for awhile.

> a good aproach would be to implement this independant of
> rrd_graph

yes, that was as well my idea. Im still stuck currently on some
work but mainly these are the lines, Im thinking:

 - API: use Cairo or OpenGL ? Cairo is a 2D libary AFAIK. So if I 
would need as well for future 3D primitives OpenGL comes handy.
... Any comments on this ? How can we integrate then rrd_graph with
needed opengl bits - could we make this a ./configure option during
the config stage ?

 - at some point RRD would need to go further and have better 3D
support. Whats the plan here and what API would be a better fit for

 - plan 1: develop independently of rrd_graph and see how it goes

 - plan 2: develop hand in hand with rrd_graph 

> I think ... or if you are into big things think of a way of
> makeing
> rrd_graph more modular ...
> ich you first write the documentation and discuss this on
> the
> rrd-developers list, your chances of success (integration)
> will be
> considerably higher ....

I will see first plan 1 and estimate a bit the work. I simple need to think what API to use and how to get started.


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