[rrd-developers] Customisable tool to display real time graph of traffic by any of protocol, subnet, ip address

John Bourke john.bourke at mobileinternet.com
Sat Jul 12 15:10:08 CEST 2008

I have a problem I am trying to solve.  I am working with an ISP and I want
to display traffic and signalling flows in real time on a graph display on
some wall mounted displays.
I need to show activity on one or more subnets, one or more IP addresses or
based on protocol.
So for example I want to show graphs of activity based on
1. Customer traffic - A graph of the aggregate of a number of subnets
2. Radius server - A graph of UDP port 1812 and 1813 to and from the Radius
3. DNS server - A graph of UDP port 53 traffic to and from the DNS servers
4. NAT traffic - A graph of the traffic to and from the single NAT IP
For interception, I have a switch network with monitoring ports.  This works
For collection I can use NetFlow or a pcap based tool.
For display I need an aggregation function and a display function.
The requirements are 
1. That the displays be in as near to real time as I can get
2. The graphs make maximum use of the screen (so they can be seen from
across a room on the big screens)
    In some Web based displays, the browser and white space takes up as much
room as the graph
So is there an existing tool which does this ?  Maybe not ?
Is there a tool which is close to this in open source which I can modify ?
This is the more likely scenario.
Or would you recommend that I use some existing aggregation mechanism and
write the graphs myself from scratch ?
Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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