[rrd-developers] Customisable tool to display real time graph of traffic by any of protocol, subnet, ip address

Georger Araujo georger_br at yahoo.com.br
Sat Jul 12 19:55:40 CEST 2008

Ntop NetFlow.


--- Em sáb, 12/7/08, John Bourke <john.bourke at mobileinternet.com> escreveu:

> De: John Bourke <john.bourke at mobileinternet.com>
> Assunto: [rrd-developers] Customisable tool to display real time graph of traffic by any of protocol, subnet, ip address
> Para: rrd-developers at lists.oetiker.ch
> Data: Sábado, 12 de Julho de 2008, 10:10
> Folks,
> I have a problem I am trying to solve.  I am working with
> an ISP and I want
> to display traffic and signalling flows in real time on a
> graph display on
> some wall mounted displays.
> I need to show activity on one or more subnets, one or more
> IP addresses or
> based on protocol.
> So for example I want to show graphs of activity based on
> 1. Customer traffic - A graph of the aggregate of a number
> of subnets
> 2. Radius server - A graph of UDP port 1812 and 1813 to and
> from the Radius
> Servers
> 3. DNS server - A graph of UDP port 53 traffic to and from
> the DNS servers
> 4. NAT traffic - A graph of the traffic to and from the
> single NAT IP
> address
> For interception, I have a switch network with monitoring
> ports.  This works
> now.
> For collection I can use NetFlow or a pcap based tool.
> For display I need an aggregation function and a display
> function.
> The requirements are 
> 1. That the displays be in as near to real time as I can
> get
> 2. The graphs make maximum use of the screen (so they can
> be seen from
> across a room on the big screens)
>     In some Web based displays, the browser and white space
> takes up as much
> room as the graph
> So is there an existing tool which does this ?  Maybe not ?
> Is there a tool which is close to this in open source which
> I can modify ?
> This is the more likely scenario.
> Or would you recommend that I use some existing aggregation
> mechanism and
> write the graphs myself from scratch ?
> Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
> john_______________________________________________
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