[rrd-developers] [PATCH] rrd_restore.c: Use libxml2 to parse the input.

Florian Forster rrdtool at nospam.verplant.org
Tue Mar 11 17:36:34 CET 2008

Hi again,

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 04:54:20PM +0100, Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> There is a new type of holt winters RRA and thus a new version of the
> rrd file ... but this only gets active when the HW RRA type is used
> ... see the NEWS file ...

okay, I'll take a look.

> you say that it is not all tested, this is ok, but do you support all
> the features ? Including the backward compatibility things (sorry have
> not yet looked at your code)

I've basically looked at all the tags `rrd_dump.c' prints/may print and
made sure all these are handled. I'll include those workarounds, too. If
someone could provide an appropriate dump that'd be very welcome.

Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
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