[rrd-developers] new features in RRDtool: add/delete DSs and RRAs in existing RRD base

Bigunyak Dmitry icestar at inbox.ru
Fri May 9 13:41:59 CEST 2008


I have tried to find solution how to add/remove data sources or RRA in  
existing RRD base in mailing list archive and saw many questions on this  
theme. With respect to data sources some peoples suggest to use script  
founded in the contrib directory as solution. This script works in next  
sequence: dumps RRD base in XML-file, then edits this file and finely  
restores new RRD base from it. I use this solution too, but I can?t say  
that this is a good approach, first of all because of its low performance.  
In my opinion RRDtool needs to have its internal mechanism to solve this  
issue. But I havn?t found anything similar in plans for RRDtool 1.4. Why?  
Maybe you think that such mechanism in RRDtool this is not a good idea, or  
not useful feature? All the same about working with RRA. I think this  
features will make RRDtool much more flexible. What do say about this?

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