[rrd-developers] Patch: rrdtool+libdbi-Database backend - patch for rrdtool 1.3

Martin Sperl rrdtool at martin.sperl.org
Mon Nov 3 20:28:28 CET 2008


As some of you may know that I have created  a patch for rrdtool 1.2 a 
few years ago, so that a database could be queried  for values for graphing.

I have created an updated patch for rrdtool version 1.3 (against SVN 
version 1644).

The patch has been mostly rewritten and the following changes have been 

    * high dependency on mysql has been reduced by avoiding the
      temporary tables (which was bad for mysql replication)
    * The number of executed SQL-Statements for one CDEF has been
      reduced to 1 compared to 11 SQLs (including CREATE TEMPORARY
      TABLE) - for patch against version 1.2
    * All consolidation is done in rrdtool itself (MIN,MAX,AVERAGE)
    * Additional consolidation functions are COUNT and SIGMA, which give
      information on statistics on a per "time-bin" basis.
    * All these consolidation values are always returned as separate
      columns, that are returned by RRD and the consolidation function
      given as Argument is ignored.
      Main reason is that this way there is only one call to rrd_fetcht
      and thus the database even if we need to fetch for example min,
      avg and max. Compare this to 3 calls in case of different
      consolidation functions - and if you want to get SIGMA and COUNT
      as well it is still only one call to the backend and the database.
    * Some previous existing features have been taken out at the moment
      to allow for this reduced set of SQL queries.
          o prediction using the values from the last X days at the same
          o the corresponding sigma calculation
    * The idea is to create generic CDEF's that will do the same thing,
      but that is also available when using RRD-files (similar to TREND,
      but with another scope)
      This will get posted as a separate patch.
    * Overall performance should be much better and the patch as a whole
    * The patch also includes modifications to the configuration
      infrastructure, to make libdbi support optional.

As requested by Tobi in a private email-thread, the patch should be 
highly localized (and configurable via configure), to allow a possible 
merge with minimal shared code touched.

Please review the code and comment...


P.s: I know that there is the "new" approach of rrdcached to improve 
write-performance with massive updates on rrd. This patch was an initial 
attempt to get a similar problem solved.
Here for comparison: our production system (running with the 1.2 patch 
for graphing) is updating on average 150k different values every 300 
seconds or approximately 500 values/s on a HP-DL360G3 with Dual Xenon 
3.0GHz, 4GB RAM connected via ISCSI (over GBit network) to our storage 
system. (data-gathering Application and the mysql DB is done on the same 
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