[rrd-developers] Patch: rrdtool+libdbi-Database backend - patch for rrdtool 1.3

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Fri Nov 7 15:09:53 CET 2008

Hi Martin,

since there seems to be no opposition on the ML and I quite like
your patch, only touching little existing code, I have included it
into trunk.


 Monday Martin Sperl wrote:

> Hi!
> As some of you may know that I have created  a patch for rrdtool 1.2 a few
> years ago, so that a database could be queried  for values for graphing.
> I have created an updated patch for rrdtool version 1.3 (against SVN version
> 1644).
> The patch has been mostly rewritten and the following changes have been made:
>    * high dependency on mysql has been reduced by avoiding the
>      temporary tables (which was bad for mysql replication)
>    * The number of executed SQL-Statements for one CDEF has been
>      reduced to 1 compared to 11 SQLs (including CREATE TEMPORARY
>      TABLE) - for patch against version 1.2
>    * All consolidation is done in rrdtool itself (MIN,MAX,AVERAGE)
>    * Additional consolidation functions are COUNT and SIGMA, which give
>      information on statistics on a per "time-bin" basis.
>    * All these consolidation values are always returned as separate
>      columns, that are returned by RRD and the consolidation function
>      given as Argument is ignored.
>      Main reason is that this way there is only one call to rrd_fetcht
>      and thus the database even if we need to fetch for example min,
>      avg and max. Compare this to 3 calls in case of different
>      consolidation functions - and if you want to get SIGMA and COUNT
>      as well it is still only one call to the backend and the database.
>    * Some previous existing features have been taken out at the moment
>      to allow for this reduced set of SQL queries.
>          o prediction using the values from the last X days at the same
>            time
>          o the corresponding sigma calculation
>    * The idea is to create generic CDEF's that will do the same thing,
>      but that is also available when using RRD-files (similar to TREND,
>      but with another scope)
>      This will get posted as a separate patch.
>    * Overall performance should be much better and the patch as a whole
>      simpler.
>    * The patch also includes modifications to the configuration
>      infrastructure, to make libdbi support optional.
> As requested by Tobi in a private email-thread, the patch should be highly
> localized (and configurable via configure), to allow a possible merge with
> minimal shared code touched.
> Please review the code and comment...
> Thanks,
>             Martin
> P.s: I know that there is the "new" approach of rrdcached to improve
> write-performance with massive updates on rrd. This patch was an initial
> attempt to get a similar problem solved.
> Here for comparison: our production system (running with the 1.2 patch for
> graphing) is updating on average 150k different values every 300 seconds or
> approximately 500 values/s on a HP-DL360G3 with Dual Xenon 3.0GHz, 4GB RAM
> connected via ISCSI (over GBit network) to our storage system. (data-gathering
> Application and the mysql DB is done on the same host)

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