[rrd-developers] non-lua build should be fine now

Fidelis Assis fidelis at pobox.com
Tue Nov 4 02:57:35 CET 2008

After Tobias Oetiker escreveu:
> I think I have fixed the lua-less build process ...
> the conditional is no in luas Makefile.am

I realize now that the problem is the line

    test -f lua/Makefile && cd lua && $(MAKE) install || true

in the target "install-data-local", in bindings/Makefile.am. It forces
execution of bindings/lua/Makefile independently of lua being found or
not. I added that line in my first patch, following perl, python and
ruby build style, but it's not needed after I switched to automake. The
make recursion is controlled by SUBDIRS, which will only contain "lua"
if BUILD_LUA is true.

If you think it's OK, the attached patch should fix it. It also prevents
installation of rrdlua.pod if lua is not built.

Fidelis Assis

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