[rrd-developers] RRDtool + Lua module patch

Fidelis Assis fidelis at pobox.com
Tue Oct 7 02:16:03 CEST 2008

Tobias Oetiker escreveu:
> Hi Fidelis,
> Today Fidelis Assis wrote:
>> This new patch adds support to Lua 5.0. It should apply cleanly to trunk
>> rev 1578:
> [...]
>> Please, let me know if it's OK or needs any changes.
> applies and compiles fine. There is one snag, when linking
> rrd-0.0.9.so it does not seem to put the -rpath setting in place.
> this is a problem when you do not install rrdtool into a
> non-standard location, since then rrd.so will not find librrd.so

Isn't -rpath a libtool option? I didn't use libtool in my patch. I've
started using Autotools a few weeks and haven't got to libtool yet - I'm
still in autoconf :-). Anyway, is that the meaning of -rpath? I thought
it just tells libtool where your library will be installed, not where to
find others.

> ...
> in the docs you may want to use INSTALL_PREFIX instead of
> /usr/local/rrdtool-1.3.2


> in the Makefile you are using many gcc-like options (-fPIC) this
> will beome a problem when compiling with a non gcc compiler. Can't
> you use libtool or at least get the relevant options from the
> installed lua instance (perl does it this way).

Unfortunately Lua doesn't have that option, but libtool is in my todo
list. Thanks for the suggestions.

Fidelis Assis

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