[rrd-developers] implementing portable format

Sfiligoi Igor sfiligoi at lnf.infn.it
Fri Oct 31 17:12:59 CET 2008

Daniel Pocock wrote:
> - I've also had a play with JRobin a while back, it is neat for a J2EE 
> developer - we should look to interoperate with Java at some level - it 
> could be interesting to combine rrdtool data with tools like 
> JasperReports (for report presentation) and iReport (for interactive 
> report design)
I strongly back this one.

I have been looking for a long time to have a RRDGraph to be run in the
user browser (no need for creating the graphs on the server side).
Having a Java client for that would be a lifesaver.

My 2c,

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