[rrd-developers] updated rrdcached (a few fixes and enhancements)

kevin brintnall kbrint at rufus.net
Sat Sep 13 21:21:59 CEST 2008

Tobi et al.,

I have made some enhancements to Florian's rrdcached patch.  This patch
(against /trunk) can be found at the following URL.  Testing has shown it
to be production ready.


It applies cleanly to 1.3.2 as well (with obligatory automake;autoconf).

The enhancements over Florian's version are in the postscript.

 kevin brintnall =~ /kbrint at rufus.net/


fixed: removed extra compiler pragmas that caused portability problems

added: more server logging (startup, shutdown, ...)

added: client maintains a cached connection across multiple commands.
  correctly handles a long-running process where some commands are specified
  with --daemon and others are specified without

fixed: consolidated duplicate code for finding daemon addr (from --daemon
  or environment).

fixed: update with --template and daemon specified by environment was not
  treated properly in rrd_update.c:rrd_update(line ~442)

fixed: memory leak with ci->values not being freed

added: added -z to spread write load

fixed: check that file is writable before accepting UPDATE

fixed: queue_thread_main: avoid tight-spin when we're scheduling the next
  flush.  old code called flush_old_values(-1) once per update for up to a
  full second. ("<" vs "<=" comparison)

added: journal support with recovery

fixed: signal handlers wake up queue_thread for timely shutdown

fixed: refuse to start if pid file present at startup

added: more stats

fixed: "flush file" should not error if file exists on the file system,
  but not in update cache.  the file may have been flushed due to
  inactivity, or the daemon may have just started up.  if the file exists,
  return success.  still fails if files does not exist at all on disk.

fixed: ENODATA is not portable
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