[rrd-developers] updated rrdcached (a few fixes and enhancements)

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Sun Sep 14 11:49:11 CEST 2008


cool ... I have now applied to the patch to trunk ... oddly enough
there were some minor rejects, but they were easily fixed. So check
out trunk and make sure it contains what you think it should ... it
does compile ...


 Today Florian Forster wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 02:21:59PM -0500, kevin brintnall wrote:
> > I have made some enhancements to Florian's rrdcached patch.  This
> > patch (against /trunk) can be found at the following URL.  Testing has
> > shown it to be production ready.
> great job, thanks a lot for you changes :)
> While looking through your changes I made the following minor changes:
> - Removed two `goto's in src/rrd_daemon.c.
> - Moved the declaration of `rrdc_flush_if_daemon' to src/rrd_client.h.
> - Added you to CONTRIBUTORS and the list of copyright holders in
>   src/rrd_daemon.c.
> I've also re-introduced the strict C99/POSIX defined in
> src/rrd_daemon.c, but commented them out using `#if 0', so that they can
> easily be activated for development and debugging.
> What problems did you have with those defines? They have worked very
> well for me so far..
> My patch at [0] has been updated to include your changes and my changes
> as outlined above. You can see the individual commits at [1].
> Tobi, I've looked through Kevin's changes and if RRDTool was using Git
> they'd certainly get their
>   Signed-off-by: Florian Forster <octo at verplant.org>
> (meaning I've reviewed the changes and approve of them).
> Regards,
> -octo
> [0] <http://verplant.org/temp/rrdtool-trunk-rrd_update_with_cache.patch>
> [1] <http://git.verplant.org/?p=rrdtool.git;a=summary>

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