[rrd-developers] Relicensing of src/rrd_client.[ch]

Florian Forster rrdtool at nospam.verplant.org
Tue Apr 6 23:52:44 CEST 2010

On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 11:03:07PM +0200, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Since the client interface is compiled into librrd (which makes that
> combined work subject to terms of the GPL), a user could not make use
> of librrd but would rather have to include rrd_client.[ch] in her own
> source tree.

Right. It's not a perfect solution, but (imho) better than
re-implementing the protocol.

The best solution might be to build a separate shared object with just
the client functionality and link the full fletched librrd against it.
I'll take a look how hard this would be..

Florian octo Forster
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