[rrd-developers] [rrd-users] rrdtool php extension

Dan Cech dcech at phpwerx.net
Fri Apr 30 19:54:56 CEST 2010


On 4/30/2010 1:41 PM, Benny Baumann wrote:
>> I've found time to do a little more work, will check out your latest
>> revision and try to get another patch out soon with some of the new stuff.
>> Dan
> Any news here? Could you forward any patches; or no news here? Updates
> welcome.

Actually I have been doing some work on this lately and have made some 
progress.  With luck I'll have something ready for further discussion 
soon, just need to do some more testing to make sure I haven't broken 

I did run up against an issue with segfaults on Centos 5 which I haven't 
been able to resolve but appears to be present in every version 
including the current php4.  Which operating system(s) have you been 
testing on?


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