[rrd-developers] Problemes with choosiung the rigt prameters for hartbeat and RRA

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Fri Jan 8 07:20:46 CET 2010

Hi all

My task is to colect statistics from a web page which is updated a few times per month (undetermined number but not more then let' say 3 times). I will be polling the page every day once per day
I have a history dating back to 2006, with stats collected only once per month and some months are missing (this is why we decided to automate the task).

I am going to monitor this for the next 10 years let's say and the plan is to use rrdtools graph to plot the trends.
My problem right now is that although I am loading the database and the script is not reporting errors when I open the database with RRDLiteEditor I can't see my data there excepting the last update.
Here are the parameters that I use for this and the part of the script that is responsible for this.

for ($i=0; $i<$#totalnumbers; $i=$i+2)
    push @data_sources, "DS:$totalnumbers[$i]:GAUGE:100000:0:100000";
RRDs::create ('CCIE.rrd','-b 23:59 31.12.2005','-s 46800', @data_sources,'RRA:AVERAGE:0.01:365:10');

And later I update the database, the $DS and $values are correct I already checked that. The values are in the desired range (0-100000).

RRDs::update ('CCIE.rrd', $DS, $values);

I would like rrdtool to interpolate the value for the missing days between existing samples and to store this in the database.
This is why I used 365 (days) and 10 years and step 46800 (one day)

Could you please help me to understand what I am doing wrong and eventually to suggest the right parameters for achieving the above mentioned result?

Thank you

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