[rrd-developers] Problemes with choosiung the rigt prameters for hartbeat and RRA

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You've posted your question to rrd-developers, but this isn't a
developer question.  You should post on rrd-users.

> I am going to monitor this for the next 10 years let's say and the plan is to use rrdtools graph to plot the trends.
> My problem right now is that although I am loading the database and the script is not reporting errors when I open the database with RRDLiteEditor I can't see my data there excepting the last update.
> Here are the parameters that I use for this and the part of the script that is responsible for this.
> for ($i=0; $i<$#totalnumbers; $i=$i+2)
>  {
>     push @data_sources, "DS:$totalnumbers[$i]:GAUGE:100000:0:100000";
>   }
> RRDs::create ('CCIE.rrd','-b 23:59 31.12.2005','-s 46800', @data_sources,'RRA:AVERAGE:0.01:365:10');
> And later I update the database, the $DS and $values are correct I already checked that. The values are in the desired range (0-100000).
> RRDs::update ('CCIE.rrd', $DS, $values);
> I would like rrdtool to interpolate the value for the missing days between existing samples and to store this in the database.
> This is why I used 365 (days) and 10 years and step 46800 (one day)

Minor problem, there 86400 seconds in a day.

Bigger problem, the heartbeat, or time limit between successive updates
without an unknown, is in the DS line and you've set it to 100000
seconds, or just over a day.  Unless you update once a day, your graph
will be unknown.

The 365 value is in the RRA "steps" field.  You're saying you want to
combine 365 primary data points (each of which is 46800 seconds large)
to turn into a single RRA point.  So the RRA consists of steps that are
197 days in size, and you only want to record 10 of those steps.

It seems like if you really want your RRD to have primary data points of
1 day in size, you'll probably want your RRA "steps" to be set at 1, and
you'll want to keep a large number of rows (3655 or so for 10 years

And on the RRD, you'll want to turn the heartbeat up to whatever
distance you can take before declaring the interval unknown.  That field
is in seconds.


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