[rrd-developers] new rrd tool php extension

Benny Baumann BenBE at geshi.org
Mon May 17 18:36:28 CEST 2010


Am 17.05.2010 17:09, schrieb Tobias Oetiker:
> Hi Miroslav,
> when it all works out, I'll be glad to remove the other php
> extensions from the rrdtool repo and place a readme there pointing
> to the new, merged extension.
Would be nice. Will need some work on my site to get my SVN (or at least
that part) accessible to everyone.

I'll announce the where and how here on the list when I'm done with this
setup work.

Other topic (related to this):
Could someone prepare some basic Debian packaging. @Tobi: Maybe by
including it into the normal source package just like the Perl and
Python Extensions?
> cheers
> tobi
> and place a readme Today Miroslav Kubelík - seznam wrote:
>> On Fri, 14 May 2010 17:06:36 +0200, Benny Baumann <BenBE at geshi.org> wrote:
>>> One version is attached on a post from 30th Sep 2009 and can be found at
>>> https://lists.oetiker.ch/pipermail/rrd-developers/2009-September/003464.html
>> OK, as result I'll merge simple current procedural API from your code for
>> BC, I think your code is more up to date as the extension in rrd svn. I'll
>> try to use internally code shared between both. I'm still thinking that
>> extension OO API is better then OO userspace PHP around procedural
>> extension. There are new DateTime core classes and many more in Pecl e.g.
>> Cairo extension which have both. I'll send information for code revision
>> later and you can be co author of final extension.
>> M. Kubelik

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