[rrd-developers] debugging a "Segmentation fault".

Jaime Ventura jaimeventura at sc.ipp.pt
Mon Sep 20 17:53:57 CEST 2010

    I have a rrd file that was migrated (via dump and restore) from
64bit to 32bit, using the latest version of rrdtool.
    The migration occurred without errors, but when getting data from
the 32bit file, rrdtool ends with a "Segmentation fault".
    The rrd file is 1.2GB. (the dump is 12GB)
    Im sending to this list, because I was trying debug this, but I'm
lacking some experience with rrdtool internals.
    Going through the code, I've rediscovered where the segmentation
fault is done.
    Apparently, the call to function rrd_read on line 450 of
rrd_fetch.c, tries to write onto an area beyond the allocated area.
    Before any further debug, is there any way to assure that the
restored rrd file inst corrupted?

    ( The rrd file compressed is only 1.8MB, so I can sent it if you wish)


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