[rrd-developers] Introducing: java-rrd

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Sep 22 06:40:53 CEST 2010

Yesterday Peter Stamfest wrote:

> Hello!
> This is the first public release of java-rrd [1]. It is (yet another)
> attempt on a java RRD interface. However, it uses the pipe interface to
> the rrdtool proper. It is therefore similar to how the RRDp perl package
> works. It has the additional advantage of being 100% compatible with the
> rrdtool on whatever platform it is run on, because it uses the original
> rrdtool.
> It does not require the java native interface (JNI) which means that there
> should be no stability problems due to any issues with that. This also
> means that it provides for near native RRD performance, because the
> rrdtool used is the native program. It actually often provides for higher
> performance than a simple command-line use of rrdtool, because a running
> rrdtool can be reused, thus saving process startup time.
> java-rrd is modular enough to also allow the use of a *remote* rrdtool,
> eg. one provided via an inetd or xinetd daemon, allowing for virtually
> unlimited scalability via an unlimited number of hosts (this would require
> some additional infrastructure).
> It also includes a rrdcached client, which can be combined with the
> rrdtool used as a backend.
> Also note, that it supports the use of the graphv command, allowing for
> access to the (binary) output of a rrdgraph call from java.
> Unfortunately, the software is missing documentation and example programs.
> It also misses support of most rrdtool commands, but adding them should be
> quite simple.
> Personally, I am using the software to e.g. serve RRD graphs from a java
> servlet.
> The license is the X11 license (basically BSD), in an attempt to provide
> for a freely available, common java interface to rrdtool.
> Development of java-rrd is done using mercurial. You can clone a repo from
>         http://oss.stamfest.net/java-rrd-hg/
> A tarball of the current state can be found at
>         http://oss.stamfest.net/java-rrd/java-rrd-18.tar.gz
> Any input/feedback is welcome. Patches are welcome. Documentation patches
> are even more welcome.

now if I only was using more java :-) great stuff ... maybe the
opennms people could use this !


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