[rrd-developers] [gsoc] Google Summer of Code 2014 - Ganglia is in

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Mon Feb 24 20:47:41 CET 2014

Hi all,

Please excuse my cross-posting (please reply on ganglia-developers), it
is a big announcement

Ganglia is one of about 200 leading free software projects selected to
participate in Google Summer of Code 2014.  We are also keen to
collaborate with the RRDtool community on this.

This is a tremendous endorsement of our project.  Google does not
formally announce how they rank and select projects, but I suspect some
of the following are involved:
- the caliber of the team who volunteered to be listed as potential
mentors (more people are still welcome to participate too)
- the long track record of collaboration in the code repositories
- the positive interaction that takes place every day on our mailing list
- the very successful Ganglia book published by O'Reilly

What next:

- please keep adding project ideas on the wiki, even if you are not
willing to mentor (but if you are willing to, please include your name
as a mentor)

- both Ganglia and RRDtool related projects are welcome but the actual
number of projects that proceed will depend on the quality of the
student applications and the number of places Google agrees to fund
(that will be confirmed later)

- if you can't commit as a full time mentor, you can also contribute as
a co-mentor in a team, this is usually easier for most people

- if you know potential students or places to recruit high caliber
students, this can also be a great way to assist Ganglia even if you
can't mentor them

- I'll do some more of the administrivia stuff over the next couple of
days (e.g. setting up a separate email list for mentors perhaps)

- potential mentors please register on the google-melange site (link
below) and ask to be linked to the Ganglia organisation

- full calendar is here:



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