[rrd-developers] Introducing: rrd modify

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Wed Feb 26 13:15:41 CET 2014

Am 2014-02-25 09:24, schrieb Tobias Oetiker:
> Hi Peter,
> Today Peter Stamfest wrote:
>> Hi List, Hi Tobi,
>> I have implemented a "rrd modify" command. Essentially, it takes an
>> input RRD, adds or removes data sources and creates an output RRD.
>> My current imlementation can be found in branch "rrdmodify" at
>> https://github.com/stamfest/rrdtool-1.x#
>> That branch does not properly merge against master, currently. I'm
>> currently trying to rebase it to master...
> that looks good, since it is not a bugfix, it would be better to
> make it apply to master

I have added the branch "rrdmodify-master" to the git repo at

This is essentially a rebase of rrdmodify from its branching point at
1.4 to master, so it does not contain anything not created by me. It
should work just as well as the rrdmodify branch. So: please pull!

Note that the branch contains some changes that might be useful for
other things as well: I factored out parseDS and avoided some code
duplication in rrd_client.c (rrd_flush / rrd_forget use a common
function that might be reused for other filename based rrdcached
commands). One goal should definitly be (read: 2.0) to get rid of code
duplication and  become more modular overall.

I'll look into RRA modification...


> cheers
> tobi
>> peter

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