[rrd-users] Re: rrd-users PROBLEM

Bryce as root root at zen.ics.uwe.ac.uk
Tue Aug 10 02:00:25 MEST 1999

> Today you sent me mail regarding [rrd-users] rrd-users PROBLEM:
> *> With the help of rrdgraph command I can get .gif/.png file . Instead of
> *> this I want as my database is being updated, my graph on the screen 
> *> should be updated according to the changes in database by the time. I
> *> don't want to create gif/png file . Actually I want this for real time
> *> plotting. How I can do this thing.
> not sure what you expect to see ... a movie ? for updating you must uyse
> rrdtool update
> cheers
> tobi

lemme guess
you are talking about making the web page reload the graph
thats not a rrdtool problem at all. You'd be wanting to play with .meta files
and expiries. the mail tool I'll (eventually) submit uses that technique but
be aware, its something your web server would have to supportand your browser to
Tobi, I think he's refering to the 5 minute update feature you had with mrtg


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