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Thu Aug 19 18:56:57 MEST 1999


First: My name is Rainer Bawidamann (doesn't show up in the headers)

I'm currently thinking about programming something like mrtg 3 with features
from autostatus and more. First I wanted to learn more about mrtg and
rrdtool (and rateup) so I tried to replace rateup with rrdtool.

To my surprise I got something working after the first day hacking. Now
(after the second day) I want to show you the results, maybe someone is
interested in using or improving it.

It is a small patch to mrtg (2.8.5, but shouldn't matter):
- mrtg/rrd (what a name!) uses rrdtool (RRDs) to log its data 
- it creates the rrd files if they don't exist
- mrtg does not create any graphics (gif/png) or html pages any more
- it runs a little faster ...

A CGI script builds the html pages and the graphics (the latter are cached
for later use) on demand. It reads the mrtg.cfg file (but uses only some of
the options). It creates small daily graphics for the index pages (of course
this takes additional time and place ...)

If you translate your mrtg log files with log2rrd.pl into rrd files you
might be able to just replace mrtg with mrtg/rrd + the CGI. I did it on a
486/66 and the load drop from 0.5 to 0.08 (creation of the graphics puts
the 486 to its knees of course). Don't forget to set the right type of the
datasources (COUNTER e.g.)!

Ah, I shouldn't forget this:

You can find my patch and the cgi here:


Bye ... Rainer
             Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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