[rrd-users] Re: Patch/CGI: mrtg + rrdtool

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Thu Aug 19 19:13:30 MEST 1999

Today you sent me mail regarding [rrd-users] Patch/CGI: mrtg + rrdtool:

*> Hi!
*> First: My name is Rainer Bawidamann (doesn't show up in the headers)
*> I'm currently thinking about programming something like mrtg 3 with features
*> from autostatus and more. First I wanted to learn more about mrtg and
*> rrdtool (and rateup) so I tried to replace rateup with rrdtool.
*> To my surprise I got something working after the first day hacking. Now
*> (after the second day) I want to show you the results, maybe someone is
*> interested in using or improving it.
*> It is a small patch to mrtg (2.8.5, but shouldn't matter):
*> - mrtg/rrd (what a name!) uses rrdtool (RRDs) to log its data 
*> - it creates the rrd files if they don't exist
*> - mrtg does not create any graphics (gif/png) or html pages any more
*> - it runs a little faster ...
*> A CGI script builds the html pages and the graphics (the latter are cached
*> for later use) on demand. It reads the mrtg.cfg file (but uses only some of
*> the options). It creates small daily graphics for the index pages (of course
*> this takes additional time and place ...)
*> If you translate your mrtg log files with log2rrd.pl into rrd files you
*> might be able to just replace mrtg with mrtg/rrd + the CGI. I did it on a
*> 486/66 and the load drop from 0.5 to 0.08 (creation of the graphics puts
*> the 486 to its knees of course). Don't forget to set the right type of the
*> datasources (COUNTER e.g.)!
*> Ah, I shouldn't forget this:
*> You can find my patch and the cgi here:
*>    http://www.uni-ulm.de/~rbawidam/mrtg-rrd/
*> Bye ... Rainer

cool, any of the generated pages visible ?

one thing though, if you plan to support this 'patch' for a longer term,
could you pick a name other than mrtg-rrd? I will then put a link to your
page under the frontends section of the rrdtools website ... 

I am also working on a frontend ... mrtg-3 ... it is a complete rewrite and
will only support of cfg files through conversion ... but looking at the
code you may have realised that a rewrite is sourly needed ... 

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