[rrd-users] Problem with UseRRDTool, 14all.cgi & log2rrd

netops at west.raytheon.com netops at west.raytheon.com
Thu Dec 2 01:04:00 MET 1999


     I am trying to convert to to using RRDTool and 14all.cgi. When I run 
     log2rrd and convert my log files to .rrd, and then run 14all.cgi the 
     graphs look fine and contain the historical data. Once I start mrtg 
     with the 'UseRRDTool: Yes' option, and it writes to the converted .rrd 
     file, my daily graph loses the historical data, and the graph starts 
     indicating 'G' values for gigabit, rather than the 'M' values of 
     Megabits as it should be. After running 30 minutes or so  the weekly 
     graph also loses the historical data and behaves like the daily.
     I am using MRTG 2.8.9, RRDTool 1.0.7, and 14all rev 0.9 

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