[rrd-users] Re: Problem with UseRRDTool, 14all.cgi & log2rrd

Olivier Daury olivier at co.arianeii.be
Thu Dec 2 11:14:08 MET 1999


netops at west.raytheon.com wrote:
>      I am trying to convert to to using RRDTool and 14all.cgi. When I run
>      log2rrd and convert my log files to .rrd, and then run 14all.cgi the
>      graphs look fine and contain the historical data. Once I start mrtg
>      with the 'UseRRDTool: Yes' option, and it writes to the converted .rrd
>      file, my daily graph loses the historical data, and the graph starts
>      indicating 'G' values for gigabit, rather than the 'M' values of
>      Megabits as it should be. After running 30 minutes or so  the weekly
>      graph also loses the historical data and behaves like the daily.

You must uncomment some lines in 14all 0.9:
# if you know that most of your MRTG logfiles are using
# counter data, uncomment the following lines to automatically
# run rrdtune and change the data type.
#    my(@tuneparams) = ("$RRD", "-d", "ds0:COUNTER", "-d", "ds1:COUNTER");
#    RRDs::tune(@tuneparams);

Hope this help,

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