[rrd-users] Working with RRD and WWW-Server

Cesare Tensi ctensi at wind.it
Thu Dec 9 15:06:55 MET 1999

Hi folks,

I'm set-up a little perl-script that take input throught a web-form and make a
gif. The RRD database is located in one directory (f.e. "/opt/RRD/Database"),
the RRD was installed on "/opt/RRD/") and the gif is written in "/opt/RRD/gif".

This is an extract from the script:

my ($graphret,$xs,$ys) = RRDs::graph "/opt/RRD/test1.gif", "${target}.rrd",
           "--title", 'Test GRAPH',
           "--start", ${time_start},
           "--end",   ${time_end},
my $ERR=RRDs::error;
die "PIPPE $ERR\n" if $ERR;

But seems that doesn't work properly, because the gif is not created... Is
possibile to launch the RRD with databases located in different location (e.g.


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