[rrd-users] Will there be a front-end for rrdtool that uses MRTG cfg files?

Jim Johnson jim at htch.com
Mon Jul 12 22:09:03 MEST 1999

I'm thinking about switching from MRTG to rrdtool, but the problem is that I
have invested a fair amount of time developing some JavaScript and html to
present the MRTG graphs in a easy to display manner and I don't want to
start over from scratch (yet).  What would be perfect for me is if there was
a front end for rrdtool which created graphs and web pages identical to
MRTG's, using MRTG's config files, so that I could slowly migrate over to
rrdtool.  Eventually I'll probably switch to cricket (I've just started
looking at this), but in the short term a MRTG config front end would be

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