[rrd-users] Re: Will there be a front-end for rrdtool that uses MRTG cfg files?

Jeff Allen jra at corp.webtv.net
Mon Jul 12 22:49:21 MEST 1999

Jim Johnson wrote:
> start over from scratch (yet).  What would be perfect for me is if there was
> a front end for rrdtool which created graphs and web pages identical to
> MRTG's, using MRTG's config files, so that I could slowly migrate over to

I respect your need for this tool. I just can't make it. Cricket was
created in some ways completely separately from MRTG, and they simply
aren't really very much the same, so Cricket isn't the right direction
to help you.

I'm sorry I don't have a better upgrade path for you. Cricket's
"market" is not really MRTG users. It's former users of MRTG who have
to manage so many things that they cannot use MRTG to do so, and are
thus motivated to throw away everything and use Cricket. I dind't mean
to make it this way... it just happened. :)

If you come up with things to make it easier to make the transition
towards rrdtool (via Cricket or not...), please share them, either by
sending notes to the list, or by submitting them to the Cricket
contrib site.

Jeff R. Allen              |  jra at corp.webtv.net
WebTV Service Engineering  |  http://www.munitions.com/~jra

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